Supplemental insurance policies are designed to pay various amounts of money for certain covered illnesses, diagnoses and treatments. They are similar to health insurance, but are designed to supplement a quality health insurance policy. A good example of how a supplemental insurance policy works is that let’s say you break your arm. Your health insurance is going to cover you (in some way) for the Emergency Room, surgery and medications, but the supplemental insurance policy will pay out to you an additional cost for that injury, either in a lump sum or on a per-diam basis, up to a maximum amount. Supplemental policies are designed for:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Attack
  • Accident
  • Stroke
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Certain carriers’ policies work differently, but the idea is the same – to provide extra income on top of what a health insurance policy will cover to help fill in those gaps.

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